Mariano Manzella is a Flamenco guitarist who was born and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started electric guitar at the age of 14 playing Rock & Roll. However, early he was attracted by the rhythm and passion of flamenco, studying in his city with outstanding performers and continuing his training in Spain and the United States. He says: “When I started I tried other genres, but flamenco is one of a kind. It caught my attention; the musicians, when they enter it, they go into shock”.

Among his teachers are Manolo Franco y Miguel Serrano, Chuscales, Paco Jarana y Pedro Cortés, Raúl "El Perla", David Amaya "Barbería del Sur" y Santiago Aguilar. Along with performing concerts throughout Argentina and venues in Europe and the USA, he has performed in one of the most important Flamenco festivals, being invited as an international artist for the 2001 and 2002 Flamenco Festival of Albuquerque, Nuevo Mexico. But Mariano's influences don't stop at either traditional flamenco or Spanish classical guitar. While Mariano is flamenco-oriented, he is not a flamenco purist; instead, He combines the essence of flamenco incorporating rhythms from jazz to Brazilian bossa and tango.

His dedication and talent have allowed him to share stages with eclectic musicians from different parts of the world. Along with his impressive trajectory, he has participated in various musical projects with musicians from his genre and from many other styles like Jazz, Tango, and Rock.


BODY & SOUL Mariano Manzella, Daniela Maier

Produced by Macabre for Brabacam Records featuring Mariano Manzella and Daniela Maier

Body & Soul - Brabacam Records

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Guitars: Mariano Manzella & Satoshi Matsumura "Meloncito"
Cante (Singing): Ismael Fernandez
Baile (Flamenco dancing): Laura Manzella
Palms (Handclapping) : Rodrigo Gonzalez, Mariano Manzella
Percussion: Pipi Manzano
Jaleos (Chorus): Luis Carrasco Perikin

Recorded between March 2013 and November 2015
Recording Engineer, Editing & Mixing: Macabre
Mastering: Mariano Bilinkis

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Directed by Laura Jimenez - Produced in Buenos Aires, it shows scenes of Amphora recording in Buenos Aires, New York & Roma.

Round Midnight - Music: Thelonius Monk - Guitars: Mariano Manzella & Rodrigo González - Cante (Singing): Ismael Fernández - Bass: Daniel López - Percussion: Juan Romero - Trumpet: Duane Eubanks - Piano: Salvo Russo - Introductory Remark: Marc Reubins & Sanjay Lamba - Palms (Handclapping): Manuel Valencia Vargas & Juan Diego Valencia Vargas

TANGOS ABARELADOS Bebop Club - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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New York

Argentine photographer Maru Pascarielo traveled to New York for the photo sessions of the first album by Mariano Manzella "Amphora"


Artists from Argentina, Mexico, USA, Italy & Spain featured in Mariano's first album Amphora

Catupecu Machu

Catupecu Machu, Mariano & Laura Manzella, Madera Microchip Teatro Gran Rex - Buenos Aires Photo by Cjay Rivera


Buenos Aires, Rome, Napoli, Udine, Taranto, Capri, Ischia, New York, Fukuoka


Mariano Manzella Amphora CD Cover

Fernando Ruiz Diaz

Catupecu Machu, Madera Microchip, Buenos Aires. Photo by Quique Ibarra

New York

Image by Maru Pascariello for Mariano's Manzella NY Tour


Although Mariano’s work always has been focused in classic Flamenco Amphora is a blend of flamenco traditions with jazz, Latin, folk and Brazilian music. It was created after an idea from Mariano to share his music with talented musicians he knew during his musical trajectory. Mariano says his project for this album came to him when he was playing with Macabre & Catupecu Machu during "Madera Microchip" concerts in Buenos Aires. Macabre (Martin Gonzalez), a renowned musician & producer), proposed to him to record and to produce his first album. From his eclectic experience and Macabre’s suggestion, the plan of his first record was born. That idea turned into a wonderful musical inclusion project that would allow everyone’s genre and talents to collide into a final work of art. Mariano set out to organize the many musicians he played with around the world and created a collective venue that included artists from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Spain, Italy, and Japan.


This first album mixes Mariano's compositions, with Flamenco versions of classic songs as Thelonius Monk's "Round Midnight", "Canción del Jangadero" of Argentine author Jaime Dávalos, featuring Fernando Ruiz Díaz; "Hoy tengo ganas de tí" from de Miguel Gallardo; and "Bebe", from Brazilian musician Hermeto Pascoal."Amphora" was recorded between March 2013 and September 2015. Recorded in Club Audio, Buenos Aires. Produced by Macabre, Mastering by Mariano Bilinkis. Additional Overdubs: Buenos Aires, Argentina - Santa Fe, Argentina - Guadalajara & Jerez de la Frontera, Mexico - New York USA - Granada, Spain - Rome, Italy - Fujisawa, Japan

Track List
01- umi  02- tangos abarelados  03- on the run  04- round midnight  05- metales azules  06- melodias del faldeo  07- cancion del jangadero  08- hoy tengo ganas de ti  09- chipbule  10- bebe

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